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360 Gamer
3DO Magazine
64 Extreme
64 Magazine
64 Solutions


A.N.A.L.O.G Computing
ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Acorn User
Action Gameside (JPN)
Adventure Gameside (JPN)
Action Station
Amiga Action
Amiga CD32 Gamer
Amiga Computing
Amiga Down Under
Amiga Force
Amiga Format
Amiga Power
Amiga Shopper
Amiga User International
Amiga World
Amstrad Action
Amstrad Computer User
APC (Australian Personal Computer)
Arcade Magazine
Amiga Action
Arcade Game Magazine (JPN)
Arcadia (JPN)
Atari Explorer
Atari ST Review
Atari ST User
Atari World
Atomic - Maximum Power Computing
Australian Amiga Review
Australian Commodore Review
Australian Commodore & Amiga Review
Australian PC Authority
Australian PC Review
Australian PC User
Australian Station
Australian Video & Communications


Big K
Bits & Bytes


Cashbox International
CDi Magazine (UK)
CDi Magazine (USA)
CD-ROM Today (UK)
CD-ROM Today (USA)
Chips 'n Bits
Commodore Computing International
Commodore Format
Commodore Horizons
Commodore Interface
Commodore Magazine (AUS)
Commodore Magazine (USA)
Commodore Microcomputers
Commodore Powerplay
Commodore User
Commodore World
Complete Gamer
Comptiq (JPN)
Computer & Software Retailing
Computer Choice
Computer Fun & Games
Computer Game Entertainment
Computer Game Review
Computer Gamer
Computer Games (1983)
Computer Games: Strategy Plus
Computer Games
Computer Gaming World
Computer Games (1983)
Computer Input
Computer Living
Computer Market
Computer Pilot
Computer Player
Computer Retail News
Computers and Programming
Computers in Education
Computes Gazette
Computerspill Tips & Tricks
Computing Today
Computing with the Amstrad  (UK)
CPU (Computer Power User)
CU Amiga
CU Amiga-64
Cube (AUS)
Cube (UK)
Cube Solutions
CVG (Computer & Video Games)


Dengeki G's Magazine (JPN)
Dengeki Nintendo 64 (JPN)
Dengeki PlayStation (JPN)
Dengeki Super Famicom (JPN)
Dreamcast Fan (JPN)
Dreamcast Magazine
Dreamcast Monthly
Dreamcast Magazine (JPN)
Dreamcast Official (UK)
Dreamcast Official (USA)
Dreamcast Solutions
Dreamcast Strategies
Dreamcast Tips


E2 (Electronic Entertainment) (NZ)
Easy PC
Edge (AUS)
Edge (UK)
Electric Brain
Electronic Entertainment (E2)
EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly)
Electronics Australia
Extreme PlayStation


Famicom Hisshoubon (JPN)
Family Computer Magazine (JPN)
Famitsu (JPN)
Famitsu DC (JPN)