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Nintendo's N64 console was a revelation for introducing true 3D into the console market and was actually the first console I ever owned. That was simply because the distributors in New Zealand (Monarco) gave away a console along with the Mario 64 game to gaming/PC companies to play with and to encourage them to sell the console and as the boss was a PC only fan I got to have a freebie.

As companies go though Nintendo has always been at the forefront as far as taking chances go regarding hardware. The Wii introduced wand type controllers. The 3DS debuted a 3D screen. The Switch brought a TV dock to portable gaming.

While they might not bring extreme horsepower to the game you have to take your hat off to them for bringing innovative designs to market and ensuring their own games fully take advantage of those innovations even if 3rd party support is at times patchy. Then again, Nintendo stalwarts never really bought their products to play 3rd party titles anyway right?

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NGC Magazine Future plc 61 Preservation Status: Complete 
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Nintendo Game Zone Future plc 17 Around issue 15 Nintendo was dropped off the name
Nintendo Gamer (AUS) Next Publishing ??  
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This title was merged into N64 Magazine
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