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Amstrad CPC/PCW

In mid 1984 Amstrad released the CPC464 taped based home computer into a market then dominated by Commodore's C64 and Atari's A800. Featuring a color or monochrome monitor included in the base price they were a bargain and over the five years they were produced gained a loyal following. Three models were produced as well as a dedicated word-processing derivative, not counting the rehashed Plus versions and the wacko GX4000 console.

This is the first computer I owned. It also saw the release of the first magazine to be produced by a fledgling publishing company called Future plc who released Amstrad Action magazine into the market. 

  Title (Country) Publisher Scans Comments
Amstrad Action  (UK) Future PLC 3 Discontinued.

117 issues published.
Amstrad Computer User  (UK) Amstrad/Avralite 8 Discontinued.

90 issues published.

Amstrad originally published this title. Later issues published by Avralite Ltd.

Computing with the Amstrad  (UK) Database Publications 2 Discontinued.

48 issues published. the last four issues were published under the name CPC Computing