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kitsunebi3 years ago#31
Assuming you are coming to the site with the "Home" page as your point of entry (as you should), the "Latest Active Forum Threads" should be top center of the page.
larare3 years ago#30
I would swap "Welcome: username" (upper right column) with "Forum Threads" (bottom left column).
larare3 years ago#29
Maybe what we need is... a forum poll about RSS Feeds!!
Kiwi3 years ago#28
Do we need RSS Feeds? I've never done anything about/with them so the panel just cluttering up the homepage as far as I am concerned
Kiwi3 years ago#27
I think it is looking better than it was which is good. Off to scan PC Gamer (USA) issue 34
kitsunebi3 years ago#26
Shoutbox doesn't actually function like an instant message box, anyway. New messages don't show until you refresh the page (which is why this exchange between us has been somewhat disjointed
kitsunebi3 years ago#25
I'd rather keep the latest forum posts above the shoutbox. Ideally they would both be visible, but since that's impossible, forum posts are more important.
kitsunebi3 years ago#24
Home page is the best page. Latest forum posts, latest downloads, and shoutbox.
Kiwi3 years ago#23
I can move it above the forums if that's better
Kiwi3 years ago#22
Fixed - doesn't display on anything but homepage now Smile