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kitsunebi3 years ago#61
Isn't it odd that the shoutbox input box has space for about 5 lines of text, but the limited character count only allows for less than 2 lines of text?
kitsunebi3 years ago#60
Mark3 years ago#59
https://www.food.com/recipe/chicken-breast-with-kiwi-215300 Smile
larare3 years ago#58
Keep it up PotCast Crew, we need more culinary ideas
larare3 years ago#57
I usually prefer dark themes, so I think I'll stick with this one.
Kiwi3 years ago#56
Easy on Dan. This is a freeware platform. You can't expect everything. I'm still finding my way around the admin side of things Pfft
dan3 years ago#55
I got a shock when I went on the site I must admit! I like it though.

What may be useful (if possible) is to see the time of the latest posts, then at a glance we can check if any new releases.
Kiwi3 years ago#54
If you prefer you can change back to the old theme (called Magazine) by editing your Profile. Very easy but I must admit I find this a LOT easier on my eyes
Kiwi3 years ago#53
Added Darkcore theme. Still trying to sort out the side panel presentation but I do like the colour. And downloads display the full size images like the old site Smile
Mark3 years ago#52
I wonder how many hours of giggling and snacks it took for them to come up with that name?