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bigkev3 years ago#71
Hope everyone is having a great day!! Cheers for all the new downloads!
Kiwi3 years ago#70
Clicking on the "Download" button now displays the most recent additions to the download pool. Wow!! I'm starting to get the hang of PHP-Fusion configurations now methinks!!
Kiwi3 years ago#69
In a blast from the OGM WordPress website past the iTheme2 makes a return for PHP-Fusion. Compatible with the original magazine theme formatting but with a colorful background. Smile
Kiwi3 years ago#68
Use whatever themes you like. Just select it!! There are benefits to both themes. Maybe I can alter the color of magazine? Dunno!! Still investigating what is available for site themes ...
kitsunebi3 years ago#67
We finally get a system in place to give credit to the people creating the scans...and then switch the site to a default theme that removes that information. DOH!Frown
kitsunebi3 years ago#66
I think the download sidebar is easier to read in "magazine," and of course the file information like publication date and scanner aren't even visible in darkcore.
kitsunebi3 years ago#65
Switched back to "magazine" theme, and was surprised at how much better it is than darkcore. I don't mind the dark colors, but the different layout ruins it.
Kiwi3 years ago#64
Potato Quiche? No .... no ..... no no noooooooo ..........
larare3 years ago#63
Cool! You can try one of the recipes we posted for tonight's dinner! Like
Kiwi3 years ago#62
Tonight is my down time night. All weekend spare time was spent working on the site so I need a night off.!!