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matrixman10136 months ago#124
Never received the new site email. Checked junk folder also
kitsunebi7 months ago#123
Regardless of what scanner you're using, debinding the magazines will be necessary to ensure a quality scan. For editing scans, I use Photoshop, but there are other options available.
kitsunebi7 months ago#122
@Gregorick - The best way to scan is to have quality ADF scanner. Flatbed scanners are far too time-consuming to be practical.
Gregorick7 months ago#121
Hope everyone is doing well! Got a few mags that I want to upload. What's the best way/program to scan?
Kiwi1 year ago#118
I hope everyone who gets this COVID crap makes a speedy recovery. I'm at day 9 and still testing positive and have symptoms so not everyone is all good at day 7
kitsunebi1 year ago#117
I just got back from a meeting where the guy next to me says "sorry if I seem a bit out of it, I'm still getting over the flu."

...THE F%#$?!!! GO HOME!
kitsunebi1 year ago#116
It's inescapable! My mom just got it, too.
bigkev1 year ago#114
Well, It was only a matter of time but I just tested positive for COVID at work. Fun times ahead. Like
Kiwi1 year ago#113
I'm still under the weather but starting to feel better so within a day or so will be getting back into site updates etc. Thanks for everyone's patience/understanding
slider19831 year ago#112
I wonder what caused the spread? I hope you get better and Covid dies down there.